National Service Scheme

The Goal of National Service Scheme or N.S.S. as it is popularly known may be listed as follows Service for the nation and humanity to create national Integration and to develop the personality of its volunteer’s and imbibe in the leadership qualities.

The unit was fist introduced in the college in the year 2004 and at the onset of it the first Programme Officer was Prof. Bhana Gadekar. Then from 2005 to 2011the second Program Officer was Dr. Kailas Ingle. Under whose guidance the unit was honored with the BEST UNIT award and also Best Programme Officer in 2009. The third programme officer in the history of the unit is Dr. S. T. Bandewar and Raj Popalghat from 2012 to till date. These programme officers to follow also led the unit to win different competitions at college and inter college level.

The N.S.S. unit of Rajarshi Shahu Arts Commerce and Science College has put in a lot of efforts all these years to meet these goals and has been successful to a great extent in doing the same. The N.S.S. unit of our college has the vision to work forward with the mission of forgetting and surrendering one’s self and rendering selfless service to others. The enrolment in this unit is open to all the students of the degree college irrespective of their caste , creed and religion.

The different activities of the Unit are as follows:
Orientation :-The orientation Programme is arranged every year by the unit to give the newly enrolled volunteers an overview of the tasks undertaken by the N.S.S. unit.
Leadership training camp :- A leadership training camp is held every year by the University to enhance the leadership qualities in the students. One male and one female volunteer are to be sent for this camp. It is a great opportunity for the volunteers to learn true leadership qualities.
Consumer awareness programme :- An consumer awareness is held where in the students are made aware about consumer rights and proper business ethics.
Rural Camp :- For the past three years our College has adopted a village named ‘Pal’, in Aurangabad District, Taluka – Phulambri. Every year a rural camp of 07 days is held at this village. In this camp the students participate in a number of activities for rural development. The regular activities of the unit include a number of activities of community welfare some of which are stated below…

Academic Year 2011-12

NSS Coordinator Dr.S.T.Bandewar

NSS Coordinator Mr.R.S.Papalghat

Camp Place :Pal, Tq, Phulambri, Dist. Aurangabad

Inauguration function of seven day’s special camp

Volunteers work in seven day’s special camp

One Act play for Social awareness of Volunteers

Career Guidance

Academic Year 2012-13

Camp Place : Rajarshi Shahu College Pathri, Tq, Phulambri, Dist. Aurangabad (Duration 2 to 8 Feb 2013)

Group Photo on NSS Volunteers


Gram Swachata by NSS Volunteers


Academic Year 2013-14

Camp Place : Pal, Tq, Phulambri, Dist. Aurangabad

Group Photo on NSS Volunteers


Different Activities Conducted by NSS